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Community School Program + Kids = Brighter Future

    Too often, children from low socioeconomic and marginalized communities are kept from the opportunity they deserve because of obstacles and barriers that are beyond their control. But a better future is not only possible, it’s already on its way.

    We know education can change the world, so we’re investing in the next generation through a community school partnership with Madison Elementary School in Davenport. Funded and supported by United Way’s African American Leadership Society (AALS), the goal is to capture the hearts and minds of these students with intentional, enhanced and coordinated academic, social and emotional health supports in the school setting. Its integrated focus and wrap-around support can lead to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier community.

    Last week a group of 15 United Way volunteers gathered under a pavilion at Garfield Park in Davenport to create 60 “Inspiration mats” as a gift to the Garfield students. The mats will be used for reading, special projects and yoga for the kids and even their families.

    Teachers at Madison Elementary are already reporting how the AALS Community School program is making students happier and more confident.

    When you volunteer and donate to United Way and AALS, you’re helping to capture the hearts and minds of our young students of color and empowering them to reach their full potential.

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