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Be a Changemaker in the Quad Cities!

When we work together to improve the education, financial stability and health of those in our community, we all become stronger together.

Last year, we worked collectively with community leaders, volunteers, service providers and supporters like you to put opportunity in the hands of nearly 75,000 Quad Citizens. We helped:

  • 33,132 students lay the groundwork for ongoing educational success.
  • 25,738 secure a solid foundation for economic stability.
  • 16,028 get the resources needed to live longer, healthier lives.


Are you interested in making a difference in the Quad Cities? You can consider us your volunteer matchmaker!

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When you invest in United Way, you support the building blocks that assure our students graduate high school prepared for success in college or career, all Quad Cities’ families are financially stable and all Quad Citizens are living long, healthy lives.

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Use your voice to raise awareness and convince policy makers to create lasting change.

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