Our Staff

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We’re here to help! For general inquiries or questions contact 563.355.4310.


Rene Gellerman President & CEO rgellerman@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0313
Karrie Abbott Chief Operating Officer kabbott@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0330
Angela Snyder Chief Strategy Officer asnyder@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0340


Kelly Weinbrandt Vice President of Finance kweinbrandt@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0324
Craig Canfield Vice President of Information Technology ccanfield@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0343


Jennifer Blakeney Donor Services Director jblakeney@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0345 
Nate Berg Workplace Campaign Manager nberg@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0321
Alison Ryley Corporate Engagement Manager aryley@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0320 
Amy Fanning AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison afanning@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0328
Victoria Edwards Administrative Coordinator vedwards@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0319
Noah Damien Campaign Associate ndamien@unitedwayqc.org563.344.0317


Marci Zogg Vice President of Community Impact mzogg@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0334
Madelyn Beverlin Volunteer and Events Manager mbeverlin@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0332
Kate Horberg Director of Education Innovation khorberg@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0338
Trisha Piekarczyk Data & Research Manager tpiekarczyk@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0339
Monique Jackson Project Coordinator mjackson@unitedwayqc.org563.344.0329
Traci Oberhaus Community Impact Associate toberhaus@unitedwayqc.org563.344.0331
Monte Schwartz VITA Coordinator mschwartz@unitedwayqc.org563.344.0352


Kevin Smith Vice President of Communications ksmith@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0337
Josh Graves Digital Experience Director jgraves@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0316
Tavis Frazier User Experience (UX) Designer tfrazier@unitedwayqc.org | 563.344.0333