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Our Staff

For general inquiries or questions contact 563.355.4310. Find directions to our office. We're located on the 4th floor of the Triumph Bank building.


President Scott Crane 563.344.0313


Chief Financial Officer Rick Widdel 563.344.0340
Finance Director Kelly Weinbrandt 563.344.0324

Resource Development

Vice President, Resource Development Jen Dobrunz 563.344.0317
Resource Development Director Tiffany Bainter 563.344.0338
Donor Services Director Jennifer Blakeney 563.344.0345
Relationship Manager, Affinity Laura Bjurstrom 563.344.0329
Resource Development & Events Associate Krysten Bickle 563.344.0316
Resource Development & Events Associate Brian Keck 563.344.0322
Accelerated Leadership Program Associate Tia Fuhr 563.344.0326
Resource Development Assistant Amy Barnett 563.344.0328
Donor Services Assistant Dawn Erwin 563.344.0320

Community Impact

Vice President of Community Impact Karrie Abbott 563.344.0330
Community Impact Manager George Carizey 563.344.0331
Community Impact Manager Alex Kolker 563.344.0339
Community Impact & Born Learning Manager Leslee Cook 563.344.0321
Strategic Volunteer Engagement Manager Marci Zogg 563.344.0334
QC Resource Link Operations Manager Katrina Andybur 563.344.0332
Operations Assistant Amy Daniels 563.344.0344

Communications & Marketing

Vice President of Brand Strategy & Marketing Jennifer Walker 563.344.0335
Creative Services Manager Nathan Williams  563.344.0333

AFL-CIO Community Services

AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison Tyler Power 563.344.0319

Information Technology

Vice President of Information Technology Craig Canfield 563.344.0343