Board of Directors

Image of people working on a board room table.

United Way is a volunteer-led organization governed by a Board of Directors. United Way appreciates the tremendous support and valuable leadership provided by our volunteer board — all of whom are dedicated to rebuilding a more equitable, resilient, happy and prosperous Quad Cities community. Our board represents a diverse group of people, industries and professions throughout the Quad Cities area. The board represents United Way in the region, brings the public voice to the organization’s decision-making, and is charged with stewardship and accountability to maintain the trust of the community. Board terms are renewable for three consecutive terms.

2022-23 Board of Directors

John Anderson
Debbie Anselm
Robert Bern
Tom Bowman
Kyle Day
Mara Downing – Board Chair
Chad Everitt
Dwight Ford

Astrid Garcia
Denise Garrett
Dan Gosa
Dr. Yolanda Grandberry-Pugh
Roy Hutt
Jerry Lack
Dr. Reginald Lawrence
Maria Ontiveros

Mike Parejko
Decker Ploehn
Alfred Ramirez
Caitlin Russell
Kerry Smith
Mary Pat Tubb
Bob Waterman, Jr.
Jabari Woods