Board of Directors

Image of people working on a board room table.

United Way is a volunteer-led organization governed by a Board of Directors. United Way appreciates the tremendous support and valuable leadership provided by our volunteer board — all of whom are dedicated to rebuilding a more equitable, resilient, happy and prosperous Quad Cities community. Our board represents a diverse group of people, industries and professions throughout the Quad Cities area. The board represents United Way in the region, brings the public voice to the organization’s decision-making, and is charged with stewardship and accountability to maintain the trust of the community. Board terms are renewable for three consecutive terms.

2023-24 Board of Directors

John Anderson
Debbie Anselm
W. Kent Barnds
Robert Bern
Tom Bowman
Kyle Day
Mara Downing
Chad Everitt
Dwight Ford

Astrid Garcia
Denise Garrett
Dan Gosa
Dr. Yolanda Grandberry-Pugh
Roy Hutt
Jerry Lack
Mike Parejko
Decker Ploehn - Community
Campaign Co-Chair

Alfred Ramirez
Caitlin Russell – Board Chair
Kerry Smith
Mary Pat Tubb
Bob Waterman, Jr.
Ryan Weber
Jabari Woods