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Every Child Ready to Succeed in Kindergarten

Women United launched Born Learning, an initiative focused on the fact that a child’s first, best teacher is a parent.


Between birth and age five, the brain is extremely responsive to experience. Research has proven that a child’s brain is nearly fully developed by age five. That gives parents 5 short years to prepare their child for kindergarten.

  • Low-income children hear as many as 30 million fewer words than their more affluent peers.
  • As early as age 3, a child’s vocabulary can predict third grade reading achievement.
  • By age 5, a typical middle-class child recognizes 22 letters of the alphabet, compared to 9 for a child from a low-income family.

The Plan

  • Born Learning Academies – Workshops to provide families with practical ideas on how to turn everyday activities into teaching moments focused on: building relationships, developing children’s language skills, nutrition and health, how children learn, and routines and learning on the go.
  • Born Learning Trails – Fun, physical learning activities that allow parents to play with young children in an outdoor setting, featuring nine activities to promote early learning.
  • 2-1-1 Resource Line – Access to answer parent questions, direct them to community resources, or promote Born Learning materials.
  • Imagination Library – Free, age-appropriate books mailed to children from birth to 5 years in Scott and Rock Island Counties, as well as Beyond the Book activities to engage parents in their child’s learning.
  • Hygiene Kits – Shampoo, toothpaste, soap, diapers, etc. given to children and families to ensure their basic needs are met.
  • Born Learning Text Campaign –  Texts sent to parents with fun and educational things to do with their child. To sign up text BORNLEARNING to 95577.
  • Born Learning Calendar – A  yearly printed calendar providing daily ideas to make everyday moments teaching moments.
  • Born Learning Awareness – Promoting the best ways to ensure children are ready for kindergarten.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise $2.2 million for the first five years of the Born Learning initiative.

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Make a one-time minimum $2,500 investment to become a Charter Woman. 

Questions? Contact Krysten Bickle or call 563.344.0316.