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What We Do

We exist to help people, and we do that by mobilizing and connecting resources through volunteerism, advocacy and giving. 
We look at what it takes to lead a happy and successful life, and then we act on that data. We measure our work by lives changed.

Together, we: 

Listen to every voice. 

The United Way seeks to not only understand the most pressing local issues, but also what is causing them.

Take action.

The United Way mobilizes the people and resources needed across the public, private and philanthropic sectors, like no one else can.

Continuously learn.

The United Way values the importance of continuous learning in order to make the very best investments and greatest impact in our region. As a data-driven organization, we exist to create a better Quad Cities for all.

Champion of the Quad Cities.

The United Way team, volunteers and investors are passionate about serving the community to make the Quad Cities the best it can be. Together, we aim high for a stronger, more connected and prosperous community.