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Vello Online Tutoring

32% of Quad Cities third graders are not reading at grade level.

United Way invites you to join a select group of innovative corporate partners and schools to participate in Vello online tutoring, a national project we helped create. Together, we are building a powerful tool for schools, corporations, United Ways, and communities nationwide that helps increase the number of students reading at grade level.

As a sponsor, your company’s team of volunteers read to students for 30 minutes once a week, during normal school hours. Volunteers participate from the comfort of their desk using an online, guided reading session. All your volunteer team needs is a phone, computer, and internet connection.

In addition, a comprehensive learning tool called RAZ Kids is provided to the teacher and all students in the classroom.

United Way will be there every step of the way from facilitating partnerships with schools to hosting trainings.

Initial results from Vello are positive with 100% of participants increasing their reading scores. 

To find out how your company can participate, contact Marci Zogg or call 563.344.0334.