United for Equity

United for Equity is United Way Quad Cities’ initiative to increase awareness of local racial inequities and build community and political will to address them. Our priorities and investments are aimed at addressing the systemic issues that affect opportunity and mobility for low- to moderate-income children and families.

With your help, and help from partners and investors, this multifaceted project aims to reduce and prevent racial inequities across systems that impact education, income and health in the Quad Cities.

We need your help!

A more equitable Quad Cities starts with you. Your generous gift to the United for Equity Fund will help empower our community and allow the United Way to support new equity-focused solutions, programs or initiatives that address poverty and structural racism.

Partners and Generous Investors

100 Black Men Quad Cities
amw solutions
Angela Stewart Yoga
Ascentra Credit Union
Cafe On Vine
Downtown Davenport Partnership
Eastern Iowa Community Colleges
The Family Credit Union
Family Museum
Gilda’s Club Quad Cities
Humility Homes & Services, Inc.
John Deere
Management Resource Group
Me & Billy
Mercado on Fifth
Metropolitan Community Church
Muscatine Community College
Northwest Bank & Trust Company
Pleasant Valley Community School District
Pleasant Valley High School
Putnam Museum & Science Center
Quad Cities Chamber
Quad City Arts
Quad City Bank & Trust
Quad City Symphony Orchestra
Rock Island Public Library
Rouse Consulting Group
Scott County Conservation Board
Scott County Health Department
Scott County Kids
Sense Inspections LLC
Tapestry Farms
Two Rivers Bank & Trust
Two Rivers YMCA
United Way Quad Cities
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Rochelle Almazan
Allison Ambrose
John Anderson
Linda Anderson
Tracy Anderson
Rebecca Arnold
Kathleen Bailey
Leah Berger
Rabbi Linda Bertenthal
Jessica Beshears
Patricia Bird
Aimee Bland
Jaime Bosworth
Sandra Brandt, LMSW
Lisa Britt
Peter Britt
Dee Bruemmer
Nicki Brus
Kris Burt
Ann Bush
Berni Carmack
Hannah Carr
Sandra Cassady
Lisa Charnitz
Julie Chisholm
Nicole Cline
Charles S Collins
Brian F Cunningham
Susan Cunningham
Jennifer Davis
Lea Ann Dies
Sharon Dodd
Erin Dowell
Steve Drucker
Nicole Cisne Durbin
Deidre Eaton
Wanda Esping
Chad Everitt
Ryan Filbrandt
Lauri Flanagan
Katie Flynn
Janice Foley
Beck Forth
Gale Francione
Susan Freburg
Mary Gaetz-Scholtz
Bill and Chris Gallin
Rev. Lisa Gaston
Alma Gaul
Rene Gellerman
Mikael Gibson
Kristin Glass
Christine Graf
Mary Graupmann
Janet Griffin
Katie Groenenboom
Jim Halverson
Paige H.
Kari Hanson
Nicole Harrison
Alivia Hatten

Rev Rich Hendricks
Amanda Hess
Barbara Hixon
Danielle Hoffman
Kaitlyn Holland
Heidi Huiskamp Collins
Emerald Johnson

Rabbi Henry Jay Karp
Chuck and Jeane Keibler
Scott Kelty
Angie Kendall
Kellie Kerns
Stacy L Klingler
Deb Kretschmer
Dr. Pandora Lawrence
Cheryl Leamer
Lori Lefstein
Lance C. Leslie
Lisa Lockheart

Toni Lucas
Debbie Mahr Heitman
Autumn Manning
Marianne G. Marcek
Swetha Marisetty
Thomas A. Mason IV
Liz Mastalio
Kristi Masterson
Mark Mathews
Betsy Matt Turner
Lisa McCraw
Ann McGlynn
Becky Meade
John Meade
Lynn A Meincke-Wohlers
Marcy Mendenhall
Sergio Mendoza
Elise Miller
Cali Milligan
Linda Molyneaux
Mardell Mommsen
Brian Monroe
Randy Moore
Daisy Cordelia Moran
Stephen Morford
Sam Moyer
Jennifer Naeve
April L Nebinger
Dee Neff
Alison Ng
Melinda Pearson
Ashley Perkins
Dr. Susan B. Perry
Tiffany Peterson
Colleen Rafferty
Kathy L. Ramp
Andy Roehl
Emily Rollins
Anna Roorda
Barbara Roseman
Dana Rosenberg
Gary N. Rowe
Joscelyn Rowe
Jen Rummery
Chelsea Sammons
Sharon Sanyi
James Patrick Schmidt
James B Schneider
Sarah Schoper
Holly Sparkman
Tracy Matlock
Project Renewal
Tracy Schwind
Brent Schwoebel
Lynn Selking
Sheri Simpson-Schultz
Veronica Singh
Mark Smith
Kevin Smith
Pamela Snyder
Katie Spain
Jenni Swanson
Kai Swanson
Steve Taghon
Tori Tebbitt
Julie Thompson
Maggie Tinsman
Gwen Tombergs
Tonya D Urbatsch
David Vandecar
Britt Vickstrom
Dora A. Villarreal
Jennifer Vinson
Katie Voelliger
Susan L Wahlmann
Kelly L Weinbrandt
Cathie Whiteside
Suzanne Wiese
Rebecca Wildermuth
Kelly Willet
Colleen Willman
Melissa Woods
Holly Yates
Robert Yoerger

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