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United Way supports our community’s education, income and health — the building blocks of opportunity. At the core of what we do are supporters who envision a better future for our community and the belief that everyone deserves a chance to succeed.

Give Monthly, Change Lives Daily

When you join the community of monthly givers, you help to create long-term opportunity. Core Givers provide reliable funding to power implementing partners and initiatives that deeply impact the health, vitality and success of our Quad Cities community.

Give Monthly


per month can give a grade school student books to develop literacy skills and ignite a passion for reading.


per month can help set a low-income Quad Citizen on the path toward financial stability.


per month can give two low-income seniors transportation to their doctor to receive the routine health care they need.

Support Opportunity In Our Community

By making a monthly donation and becoming a part of The Core, you’ll help fund programs that can provide access and the opportunities to a good education, pathways to economic mobility and good health for children and families right here at home.

And this is only the beginning...

Our community has already made a tremendous impact for children, families and adults to level the playing field to opportunity. Imagine how giving a little each month could go even further and help foster change that can last a lifetime.

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33,132 Students
had the groundwork laid for continued educational success.

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25,738 Quad Citizens
received assistance to get and keep better jobs and build savings for the future.


16,028 Neighbors
got access to the health and wellness resources they need to live healthy lives.

5 Reasons To Give

As the largest social impact funder in the Quad Cities, we find and fund solutions to our community’s biggest challenges. 

We have the big picture view of the gaps and social challenges, and study and step into them. Your monthly donation can help power and support the non-profit partners that touch roughly 1 in 3 people of our community every year.

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Every month, you’ll know that you’re helping get to the root cause of our most challenging issues, and solve them.

Real, lasting impact comes from uncovering root causes that create systemic community issues. We use data collected from community and education partners and social sector leaders to understand the core issues of our community, and then mobilize people and programs to address them.

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Your monthly gift provides reliability for our community.

Giving monthly means that we have a steady and reliable way to design, deliver and measure the programs that touch the lives in our community. Thanks to your support, thousands of Quad Citizens can get access to opportunity that they wouldn’t have without you.

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Your gift makes a real impact on the people that live where you do. And your neighbors lead the decision-making process about how funds are allocated.

100% of your gift stays in the Quad Cities, to help people in the Quad Cities. Volunteer community members who participate in our investment process represent diverse perspectives. From business organizations, to individuals they gain an understanding of priorities. Then, they rigorously review 50+ non-profit implementing partners’ programs for alignment with those priorities in addition to weighing in on the outcomes to which our partners commit.

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Open access to opportunity and help give kids and families the chance to reach their full potential.

Your gift unlocks the potential within so many more people to succeed. By donating, you can give kids a chance to succeed in school and give Quad Cities families a shot at financial stability and access to physical and mental health. With those core building blocks in place, the chance of success for our community grows. And those blocks are in your hands.

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How It Works

When you become a Core Giver, you provide stability and endless opportunities to your community. You will be supporting the Quad Cities' greatest needs, every single month. 

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You can become the central most important part of helping your community in 3 easy steps.

Step 1:

Choose an amount to give.

Step 2:

Make your gift recurring (weekly, monthly, or yearly).

Step 3:

Receive updates from The Core newsletter, where you'll see the real impact you're making right here in the Quad Cities.

For general inquiries or questions contact 563.355.4310.