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Survey Results Are In

A big thank you for those that took time to fill out our recent survey! We take your input seriously. As we're planning for 2018 and the future, we will use this information to help inform our decisions. 

Surveys were completed by 356 individuals who have opted-in to our enewsletter.  It's important to see how our supporters view the organization.

Overall, survey results were positive with the majority of respondents stating that they trust United Way, and that United Way is performing well in achieving our primary purpose. 

The majority of respondents reported they trust United Way of the Quad Cities Area a great deal or a fair amount (88.6%).  

When asked what United Way could do to improve their positive impact on our community's needs, respondents' answers were split (multiple choices could be selected):

  • Improve outreach on community needs - 36.4%
  • Increase the number of organizations supported - 31.7%
  • Expand community programs / offerings - 30.0%
  • Increase / improve fundraising efforts 19.6%
  • Other - 24.9%

Respondents stated the most important reason they choose to donate to United Way was knowing their donation is put towards our most important local causes (36.4%), followed by being able to direct where their donation goes (32.5%).

See the survey results below.