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Now more than ever, we need to come together to celebrate each other – and the simple acts of kindness – that inspire us to DO MORE so that EVERY Quad Citizen can live their best life.

Dive into these photos brought to you by five talented local photographers who documented how Quad Citizens are coming together during this global pandemic. 


Now more than ever, we can inspire unity and help ALL Quad Citizens live their best lives by investing in United Way Quad Cities. Join us in lifting up our community. Be a part of doing more.


Get to know THE Photographers

For Darryl Cross of Coach Cross Photography, having a camera is kind of like owning a time machine.
“Photographs help people maintain a sense of normalcy. It’s proof that you didn’t just exist, but that you lived,” he said. “That’s especially important in a time like the one we’re living in at the moment. The strength and resiliency of folks needs to be documented. The time that we’re living in right now – it should be documented.”
Darryl is one of the five photographers who have partnered with #UnitedWayQC on capturing Quad Citizens’ lives in this crazy time. Thank you for helping us remember how we are Stronger Together, Darryl!

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For many Quad Citizens, Jaawan Arrington is known as the man behind the fascinating The 100 Series. In it, he interviews strangers – all in the pursuit to spread positivity. When he found out about our effort to document Quad Citizens during these challenging times, he was immediately on board.

“In many aspects it’s similar to what I’ve been doing with the 100 Series,” he said. “It’s all about showing off all the amazing people who live here. My photography is all about celebrating people and making them look larger than life.”

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When we approached Jessica Sheridan of Shared Light Photography to help us photograph Quad Citizens during the pandemic of 2020, she jumped at the opportunity. The Quad City native took a unique approach to the project, deciding to focus on "makers" who work behind the scenes and are particularly impacted by COVID - like local stage hands, a stylist, a midwife and a restaurant owner.

"So often we don't recognize these people and the work they do, and I thought this was a great way to celebrate them," she said. "As an artist it's a particularly rewarding feeling to give back and benefit the communities we live in."
Thanks for your work, Jess!

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As the creative force behind The Underground Economy in Davenport, Josh Graves about the power of connecting people. That passion led to him becoming one of the five photographers who’ve partnered with us to document Quad Citizens lives in 2020.
“I’ve lived in the Quad Cities since I was a kid, and I know United Way is a well-respected organization that works with a lot of different groups to build a stronger Quad Cities. I am proud to be able to contribute to that effort.”
Thanks for support, Josh!

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Meet Juan Valtierra – he’s one of the five photographers who have partnered with us to document Quad Citizens during these challenging times. Juan stumbled into photography through his work as a dancer and musician and is known for his “album cover” photographs. Above all, he’s a Quad Citizen who wants to serve others so we can all become Stronger Together.
“I really want to do my best to serve my community while I’m here. I believe in what United Way is doing and it’s very cool the way they go about helping others.”

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You’re helping create a more equitable, resilient Quad Cities community where every Quad Citizen has the opportunity to live their best life.