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Reflecting On 2022: You Are Changing Lives

By Kevin Smith, United Way Quad Cities’ VP of Communications

What a year…

When I think about what we have accomplished together I can’t help but smile.

From our corporate, nonprofit and civic partners, to our first-time and longtime investors, to the individuals, volunteers and advocates who invested time to make an impact: Together, we helped improve the lives of nearly 75,000 of our Quad Cities neighbors at a time when there was so much uncertainty.

In my role in communications at United Way, I heard a lot of stories from people who grappled this past year with the effects of inflation, as prices increased for school supplies, food, housing and nearly every other necessity. It became even more obvious to me that marginalized groups in our community have felt this economic pain most acutely.

But in true Quad Cities style, we rallied together and continued to drive progress toward our Rise United 2030 community goals and delivered on our commitment to advance racial equity.

At United Way, every one of us spend a lot of time problem-solving and thinking about how we can help create more opportunity for our neighbors facing life’s biggest challenges. And, while it’s been a tough few years for many, we have reason to enter the new year full of hope.

Here’s why: In the last year, supporters and partners like you proved that when we come together, we can achieve incredible impact.

Together, you helped make life better for nearly 75,000 people right here in the Quad Cities. You helped bring opportunity to more of our neighbors, like Zach, Angel and Brooke. You helped make caring and kindness matter through volunteer opportunities like our Day of Caring, which returned with a roar after a three-year interruption due to COVID.

We are empowering the next generation through our tutoring initiative Read United, our girls mentorship program at Madison School, and the newly launched leadership development challenge for young adults, The Caring Assignment.

Let’s go by the numbers:

  • 33,132 students laid the groundwork for improved educational success.
  • 25,738 of our neighbors received critical assistance or learned a new skill to get and keep better jobs and build savings for the future.
  • 16,028 adults, teens and children accessed physical and mental wellness resources needed for a happier, healthier life.

That’s all thanks to your help. And, the New Year brings new potential to do even more.

Together, we can ensure every person has the access and opportunity to develop their full potential and is empowered to create a better life for themselves.

Sincerely, thank you, for helping to #MakeCaringFamous in 2022. 

Happy Holidays from your friends at United Way!

— Kevin @ United Way Quad Cities

What gives you hope for 2023? Let us know on FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn, or reach out to Kevin Smith at ksmith@unitedwayqc.org. If you’d like to learn more about your impact, read United Way’s 2022 Annual Impact Report.
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