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Quad Cities Educational Data Exchange

The Quad Cities Educational Data Exchange is a unique partnership between United Way of the Quad Cities, St. Ambrose University, local school districts and nonprofits to gain a wholistic view of education across the region. 
The Data Exchange allows partners to cross-correlate data without either partner accessing another organization’s data at the individual student level. This allows us to make accurate, community-wide measurements and determine the impact different services have on students’ long-term academic success.
The core mission of the Data Exchange is to monitor students’ success meeting key educational benchmarks, determined by eight Quad Cities superintendents as the best measures to gauge the effectiveness of local education services:
  • Children enter school ready to learn.
  • Students are reading proficiently in third grade.
  • Students have good attendance in middle school.
  • High school students are on track to graduate.
  • High school students graduate within four years.
  • High school graduates enroll in some form of post-secondary degree or certification program.
  • Post-secondary students remain enrolled into a second year.
  • Quad Citizens complete some form of post-secondary degree or certification.
These measurements also allow United Way to track our progress toward achieving our BOLD GOALS for education. 
The Quad Cities Educational Data Exchange is the first of its kind, but has gained nationwide attention as a promising model for nonprofit data analysis.  In 2019, the Quad Cities was named a National Pacesetter by the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading for this innovative work.
For more information, contact Alex Kolker.