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President’s Message: Reflecting on the Impact You Make Possible

Rene Gellerman

As we reflect on our last fiscal year, the one word that comes to mind most often is impact.

While this last year saw the Quad Cities buffeted by the continued impact of the pandemic and economic uncertainties, it also sparked the tremendous impact we made together on issues of education, income and health throughout our region.

In a year like no other, we could not have built successful partnerships and programs without the support of our donors, volunteers and advocates — like you — who stepped forward with United Way for our Quad Cities community.

It’s the “united” in United Way that makes this impact possible. Check out the full Annual Impact Report to learn more about the impact we made together.

Together, we made a direct impact on 74,898 Quad Citizens, nearly 20% of the population, including:

  • 33,132 students who benefited from critical pre-K through high school programs to lay the groundwork for continued success in college or career.
  • 25,738 Quad Citizens who received assistance to get and keep better jobs and build savings for the future.
  • 16,028 neighbors who got access to the primary health and wellness resources they need to live healthy lives.

Let’s look at our goals: Rise United 2030

We’ve collaborated with a broad spectrum of community partners to develop a set of 10-year goals to drive transformative change and advance equity in the areas of education, income and health in the Quad Cities. We created these goals with racial equity in mind, because to achieve lasting change, we must close the opportunity gaps in Black and Hispanic communities.

Specifically, we’re working to:

  • Education: Increase to 90% the number of students reading at grade level by third grade.
  • Income: Increase by 20% the number of young adults (24-35) who earn a living wage.
  • Health: Increase to 90% the number of Quad Citizen who receive routine physical and mental health care.

I hope you check out our Annual Impact Report and read more about the programs and partnerships we’ve activated to achieve our goals and the progress being made in education, income and health.

When you invest in giving through United Way Quad Cities, you empower the programs and partnerships that create positive impact in our region. We invite you to join us and Give United. With your support, we can improve access to education, income and health — the building blocks of opportunity — for all Quad Citizens.

With hope and gratitude,

Rene Gellerman
President & CEO
United Way Quad Cities

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