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Nonprofit BOLD Institute

Are you a non-profit that wants to increase its capacity to meet the needs of the people you serve?

Across the Quad Cities, many nonprofits are feeling the strain of trying to keep up with the demand for their valuable services. With limited budgets to hire more staff or consultants, building the capacity of your current team is a sustainable and cost-effective solution.
We’re introducing United Way’s BOLD Institute to strengthen and support human service nonprofits in the Quad Cities. Through the generous support of the Regional Development Authority (RDA), we’re hosting a series of workshops to help our nonprofit partners operate more efficiently, increase impact and successfully compete for funding. 
UWQC BOLD Institute will be a mix of practical tips and high-level discussions with highly-skilled experts who know how to turn business challenges into growth opportunities. Sessions run 60-90 minutes and are ideal for both emerging and current leadership staff. 


United Way of the Quad Cities and Regional Development Authority
And enjoys the support of these generous sponsors:
Hunt & Diane Harris Foundation
Hubell Waterman Foundation
Kleine Family Endowment

January 16, 2020 

Fund Development: In the sales world, generating leads is the first step to closing the deal.  But is relationship-building enough? In the rapid-fire tech age, donors are aware of hundreds of charitable causes. Learn how to apply top-notch sales skills to turn prospective donors into supporters of your cause. 
Marketing & Communication: Ever feel surprised when board members, the media or your staff struggle to consistently describe your mission and impact? This workshop will focus your nonprofit's messages on the right people, place and time.  Learn how to reach your most important stakeholders through multiple channels to deepen understanding of your work with key audiences. 

February 27, 2020

Organizational Development: How can we take corporate planning fundamentals and apply them in the nonprofit sector? How do businesses determine when to expand or cut back product lines while staying true to their purpose? Learn how for-profit processes can apply to NPOs to grow programs, increase impact and embrace innovation.
Making your “Pitch”:  Sometimes you only have 5–10 minutes to pitch your organization or project to a board member, prospective donor or the media.  A great elevator speech is a must in trying to engage others in your cause.  Get tips, advice and feedback on how to succinctly answer the question, “What does your organization do?”

March 25, 2020 - Postponed

Measuring Outcomes: Albeit a difficult task, measuring social impact matters. What does accountability mean to funders – and what do they really expect? How do you know if a program is working? We’ll explore how to use data to both determine program effectiveness and report results that resonate with stakeholders. 

April 2020 - postponed

Collective Impact: Large-scale social change comes from strong cross-sector coordination vs. isolated intervention of individual organizations. Hear from Rob Reifsnyder, former CEO of United Way Cincinnati, who will breakdown the process of implementing a systems-change approach in order to produce more reliable and sustainable improvements in outcomes. Rob led notable collective impact efforts that resulted in thousands of additional children attending quality preschool and helped families and individuals in Ohio move from poverty toward self-sufficiency. 

May 2020

Board Leadership: Ideal for nonprofit executives and board members, this session will extend to 90 minutes.  Community-minded individuals will share governance tips and lessons learned on growing a nonprofit organization and avoiding conflicts of interest. A nationally renowned diversity, equity and inclusion speaker will also be on hand to talk about what NPOs can do to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

FALL 2020 

BONUS ROUND: Be BOLD Fast Pitch Participate in a fast-paced, high-stakes event where seven nonprofits will vie  for a total of $150,000 in prize funding.  Contestants will share innovative strategies to remove systemic barriers to expanding access to high-quality early education for at-risk pre-kindergarten students. Participants will be matched with local entrepreneurs and coaches over four, one-hour sessions to perfect their pitch. More information on application process coming soon, with competition in June.

If you like learning practical tips and effective strategies, enjoy being provoked to think more broadly, and want to challenge yourself and your organization to build capacity, this series is for you!