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Meet Amy Crist, the new Chair of Women United

Women are more likely to give – and more likely to give MORE – across almost every charitable subsector. They’re a powerful philanthropic force. That’s one of the reasons United Way of the Quad Cities formed the Women United group in 2011. 
The group focuses on one core belief: that all children deserve quality early care and learning opportunities in the Quad Cities. This year, Amy Crist took the helm of Women United, serving as its chair. 
To recognize the work of our dedicated volunteers, I recently sat down with Amy Crist and asked her thoughts on volunteering, on raising our efforts to help all children and her vision for Women United. 
Q: Why do you support United Way, and in particular – Women United? 
A: United Way and I share the same passion…we want everyone to be financially independent, every child to be ready for kindergarten, and all of us to be physically and mentally healthy. United Way has been instrumental in bringing together those resources so that together we can make sure that every Quad Citizen has the chance to live their best life!
Q: If you had to describe Women United in one phrase, what would it be? 
A: Passion – turned into purpose! The women that make up Women United are dynamic and determined, and dedicated. When it comes to a child’s readiness for school – and life – we see ourselves as game-changing advocates.
Q: Why is this so important?
A: Eighteen percent of kids start school without the skills needed to learn. That’s a number we need to improve. Quality early learning experiences for children are a key driver. We raised $2.5 million toward the building of a new Scott County YMCA Learning Center. We’re also focused on our Born Learning Academies, which are a series of six workshops for parents with a child who hasn't yet entered kindergarten and/or who are expecting a child. And let’s not forget Ready Rosie, a video curriculum that teaches parents how to incorporate early learning into daily activities.
Learn more about Women United.