Labor Unions

United Way works closely with organized labor to tackle critical issues in the Quad Cities. Since 1941, United Way and AFL-CIO have partnered together. This unique collaboration ensures our local community has the resources to break barriers, creating opportunities for a better life for all. 
Much like organized labor, United Way focuses on education, financial stability and health because these are the building blocks for a good quality of life.

Our programs:

  • National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive: The second Saturday each May, Quad-City residents can donate food by leaving the items by their mailbox. Those donations are given to the local food bank to help those who are facing hunger and income instability in our community. 
  • Labor Day Parade: Gather together with fellow labor organization to celebrate the work of Labor Unions and promoting education, health and income stability for each person in our community. 
  • United Way Workplace Campaign: Union leaders and employees change the lives of those in our community through their donations. 
Two members on the United Way Board of Directors represent organized labor in the Quad Cities.
Find out more in this Labor Unions brochure.
To learn more about Organized Labor in the Quad Cities please visit the Quad City Federation of Labor or contact Cecilia O'Brien, our AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison.