Ways You Can Give

Education, income and health make up the building blocks of opportunity that enable you — and ALL Quad Citizens — to succeed and thrive. That’s why United Way focuses on all three simultaneously, bringing together the resources and partners to build solutions that address their interconnectedness.

When you invest in United Way, you create lasting change right here in your own hometown. The money raised here stays here to provide opportunities for every Quad Citizen to live their best possible life.

Make A Monthly Gift.

Extend opportunity even further as a Core Giver to United Way. Your monthly gift will guarantee long-term support for the Quad Cities.


Get Involved With a Donor Network

Members of United Way Donor Networks prove the power of unity to create lasting change. Together with these passionate doers and change-seekers, we’re helping lead the charge to improve education, income and health in our community. Together, we impacted nearly 75,000 Quad Citizens last year. Our appreciation cannot be overstated. This work wouldn’t be possible without your continued support. We’re pleased to honor donors with memberships recognizing loyalty and leadership giving throughout each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).

Each United Way Donor Network provides access to special events, exciting networking activities and rewarding volunteer opportunities.

African American Leadership Society (AALS)

AALS focuses on fostering the next generation of Black leaders all while helping to make an impact in the Quad Cities.

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Women United

Women United invites you to join a group of caring women dedicated to improving the lives of our youngest Quad Citizens.

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Emerging Leaders

Our Emerging Leaders are up-and-comers in their 20s, 30s and 40s who help advance the common good and support strategies that ensure kids are successful in school.

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Tocqueville Society

The Quad Cities Tocqueville Society is made up of philanthropists who contribute leadership gifts of $10,000 or more into United Way. This allows us to target funds and mobile on-the-ground efforts to tackle our community’s most pressing needs.

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Got a Question?

For more information about joining a United Way Donor Network that is right for you, please call 563.355.4310.