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It's Campaign Time

Why United Way?

  1. One Gift to United Way Helps Many - While most charities focus on a single group or issue, United Way tackles issues facing the Quad Cities as a whole. United Way partners with 36 organizations, serving 41,855 individuals annually.
  2. The Power of Leverage - For each $1.00 given to United Way, $1.93 of resources are invested back in our community.
  3. The Dollars Invested Here Stay in the Quad Cities - United Way invests in local programs and resources that support our community.
  4. All Investment Decisions are Made by Local Volunteers - More than 150 volunteers convene to evaluate and determine how to invest donor contributions. 
  5. Our Operations are Fully Transparent - If you have a question about how United Way operates, just ask any representative from our organization. 

How to Give

If you're interested in running a United Way campaign in your company, check out how to launch a campaign.

Give online or give through payroll deduction at your company.