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Provide access to physical and mental health services and supports so Quad Citizens live healthy, happy and productive lives.

Good health affects everything from how well a child can learn to how much an adult can earn, it’s one of the building blocks of opportunity. That’s why we create, partner and invest in programs that teach and improve healthy living, address mental health, prevent family violence and provide health care to those who need it most. 


Rise United 2030 Goals


We’ve collaborated with a broad spectrum of community partners to develop a set of 10-year goals to drive transformative change and advance racial equity in the areas of education, income and health in the Quad Cities. Together, we can ensure all Quad Citizens, regardless of race or ZIP code, have the opportunity and access to achieve their full potential.

To make that aspiration a reality, this is our key lever in the area of Health:

37% of residents not receiving routine health care
Increase to 95% the number of Quad Citizens receiving routine, preventative health care


It will take all of us working together to ensure all Quad Citizens have access to physical and mental health care to lead long, healthy lives. Can we count you in?


How We Create Opportunity

Without healthy habits, a safe place to call home or quality health care, it’s hard to lead a productive life. We invest in a range of programs that ensure the health and well-being of Quad Citizens. Our efforts today prevent health issues that shorten lives and strain community resources.

Healthy Kids & Adults

We help provide health care and pediatric care to those who otherwise wouldn’t have it, so families can treat minor issues before they become major ones and avoid health challenges in the future.

Healthy Living

We support programs that encourage healthy eating and exercise behaviors, promote sobriety, address mental health and provide access to primary care.

Mental Health & Violence Prevention

From intervention services to parental education to therapy and advocacy for victims, we support a range of exceptional Quad Cities programs and organizations that treat mental health and help break the cycle of substance abuse and family violence.

Health Funded Partners

Our Strategic Impact Grants deliver measurable improvements in our impact areas of education, income and health. The following Implementing Partners assist our efforts to strengthen health outcomes for all Quad Citizens.

Alternatives for the Older Adult
Bethany for Children & Families
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley
Center for Active Seniors, Inc.
Center for Youth and Family Solutions
Community Health Care

Family Resources
Friendly House
Hand in Hand
Marriage and Family Counseling
NAMI Greater Mississippi Valley
One Eighty

The Arc of the Quad Cities
Three Daughters Strong Hearts
Transitions Mental Health Services
Two Rivers YMCA
Youth Service Bureau
YWCA of the Quad Cities

Quad Cities Behavioral Health Coalition (QCBHC)

QCBHC collectively works to advance the behavioral health of Quad Cities residents, tell our community’s story, measure and showcase our progress, drive innovation and support the identification of new resources.

Interested in joining the coalition? Email Chief Operating Officer Karrie Abbott or call 563.344.0330.

Quad City Health Initiative (QCHI)

QCHI is a community initiative working towards improving the health of residents in the Quad City region. It consists of more than 300 members of local health departments, providers, insurers, social service agencies, educators, businesses, media, law enforcers, foundations and governments.

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