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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who oversees United Way of the Quad Cities Area?

United Way is a volunteer-led organization. We are governed by a local Board of Directors who represent diverse industries and professions. To help further our work, the Education Council, Financial Stability Council, and Health Councils are made up of talented volunteers with the expertise to get things done.

Why should I give to United Way?

One gift to United Way helps many, and your investment is leveraged with others in the community. All dollars invested here stay in the Quad Cities, and all investment decisions are made by local volunteers. 

Where does my contribution go?

When you give to United Way, you are helping support Education, Financial Stability, and Health strategies. Volunteers evaluate the community needs and determine the best use of donor resources to make a measurable impact in the Quad Cities.

How does United Way decide what organizations to fund?

Organizations apply for funding from United Way. Volunteers make recommendations for funding allocations. The Board of Directors gives final approval for funding.

What does it mean to designate my donation?

You may designate your donation to any United Way initiative or to any 501(c)(3) or 170 organization. All designated gifts are assessed a service fee. In 2018, the fee is 15.4%. The only donors who are not charged this fee are Tocqueville Society donors giving $10,000 or more annually, donors who work for a company that covers this fee for their employees, and donations given through Birdies for Charity.

What does Live United mean?

United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community. We win by Living United. By forging unlikely partnerships. By finding new solutions to old problems. By mobilizing the best resources. And by inspiring individuals to join the fight against their community’s most daunting social crises. To live better, we must Live United.