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Email Templates

Campaign Start Email 

Send time: Campaign Launch Day after Kickoff
Subject: Tackling the Quad Cities Most Critical Problems 


Today’s the day! We’re launching the 2018 United Way campaign –and with your support, all of us at [COMPANY NAME] can create long-lasting change for our community. Together, we can tackle the Quad Cities’ toughest issues.  

Join your co-workers in participating in this year’s campaign to help us hit our goal—and show the Quad Cities what we’re all about here at [COMPANY NAME]. 

Our goal is [DOLLAR AMOUNT, AVERAGE GIFT, PARTICIPATION RATE – WHATEVER YOUR COMPANY’S GOAL IS] and it’s going to take all of us to reach it.


Thank you for joining the fight!

Kickoff Invite Email

Send time: One week before campaign launch
Subject: Will you join the fight?


Are you the kind of person invested in our community’s success? 

If you’re nodding yes right now, you won’t want to miss out on your chance to join our United Way campaign.

Whether you’re interested making sure high school students graduate, individuals have access to mental health care, or families are financially stable - United Way is leading the fight – and needs your help.

I hope you’ll join us on [DATE] at [TIME] in the [ROOM NAME] to kickoff our campaign. 

Get excited! 

Mission Moment Email

Send time: Half-way through campaign
Subject: Did you know?


The need is real! 

In the Quad Cities, 14% of children aren’t ready for kindergarten and 32% of third graders aren’t reading at grade level. 

Your donation to United Way helps Quad Citizens overcome educational barriers by helping children effectively enter and perform well in school, graduating ready for college or career.

By Giving United, we can be the game changers for education in the Quad Cities.

Mission Moment 2 Email

Send time: Halfway through Campaign
Subject: Just $5 per week


Your investment in United Way helps our community.

$5 per week provides 8 children with books for a year.

$10 per week provides 1,444 meals to individuals in need.

$25 per week provides safe and stable housing to low-income families. 

Please make our community a priority. How much can you spare? Every dollar matters! 

Wrap Up & Last Push Email

Send Time: Last day of campaign 
Subject: LAST CALL


If you’ve been waiting for the right time to join the United Way campaign, this is it! ​

Today is the last day to pledge and join [PARTICIPATION RATE]% of your co-workers who have already committed to supporting the life-changing, community-building work of United Way.

Join them, and be a part of [COMPANY NAME]'s goal of [GOAL OF WORKPLACE GIVING CAMPAIGN].

Your pledge will send a message, loud and clear – that [COMPANY NAME] is investing in the future of the Quad Cities. 

It only takes one moment, and every commitment makes an impact in the Quad Cities. 


End of Campaign Thank You Email 

Send time: As soon as campaign data is available
Subject: [IF HIT GOAL>>We did it! //IF NOT>> Thank you!] 



I’m so proud to say that our [COMPANY NAME] really stepped up for United Way. In fact, here’s what we accomplished together: 

[COMPANY NAME] employees gave $[DOLLARS PLEDGED] to United Way.

[PARTICIPATION RATE]% of [COMPANY NAME] employees gave to United Way. 

[NUMBER OF DONORS] of [COMPANY NAME] employees gave to United Way. 

That’s truly amazing, and I’m so thankful to each and every one of you who were a part of it. United, we’ve joined the fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community.

Thanks, again!