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Corporate Services

A robust volunteer program is a great way to give back to the community while enhancing your corporate visibility, building skills, team building and engaging employees in causes that are meaningful to them. It’s also a ton of fun.

Co-create a specific experience for your team with United Way staff.


Build your team, business and reputation. When you engage in corporate volunteerism, you impact your:
  • Team: Engaging current and prospective employees in a community partnership strengthens talent retention, boosts morale, and provides staff development opportunities.
  • Business: Community involvement helps you reach a broader audience. You can see increased sales and improved client relationships.
  • Reputation: Community focus strengthens you as an industry and community leader with stakeholders, employees, and customers.


To organize an activity for your team, complete the Corporate Volunteer Request Form. Each request is handled with quality customer service, so please allow two to three weeks to develop your experience.
We will contact you to learn more about your team, interests, and availability to help create the best experience for you.
Once you’ve selected an activity and it’s confirmed, we will continue to serve you before and during your volunteer day ensuring it is well organized and meaningful for your team. We will also join you on site to kick off the experience.
Questions about your request or the process, contact Marci Zogg  or call her at 563.344.0334.