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Campaign Leader Asks For Community Support

I’m proud to lead this year’s United Way campaign. Over the past year, I’ve done a lot of listening, as have my colleagues on the board of directors and the staff. What we’ve learned is our region is home to people passionate about our community; we’ve learned what causes are close to their hearts. People are committed to making a difference. There is much more that unites us here in the Quad Cities than divides us.

We all want a strong region and workforce, a place where every Quad Citizen is able to find a job, provide for their families, and save for the future. 

But the fact is, right now in the Quad Cities, 37% of families, children, and individuals are struggling because of a lack of money and a lack of opportunities. Poverty threatens the well-being of our entire region, robbing too many people of their potential: kids, youth, seniors, and newcomers alike. Our goal at United Way is to change that. United Way serves as the backbone of a community-wide network of nonprofits and programs, supported by in-depth research conducted through Q2030 - our region’s action plan, and many strategic partnerships.

This year, United Way is completing its $25 million, three-year campaign goal. We set this ambitious goal because we understand the work that needs to be done to address pressing social issues. We need to open the door wider to innovative programs and nonprofits that help us create sustainable change across our region. We cannot do that without the strong support of the entire community.

We have $9.2 million to raise to complete the goal, and we’re more mindful than ever about the responsibility United Way has to the community. To achieve our region’s aspirational goals of ending poverty, eliminating educational barriers, and ensuring the personal health and safety of every Quad Citizen, we have to get beyond talking about problems and start taking action to solve them. 

Our solutions aren’t going to all come from the State House or the White House. We need to count on one another. Please join me in contributing to United Way through a personal gift or your corporation’s support. Eighty cents of every dollar you donate to United Way goes directly to community impact programs and partners working collaboratively to drive results and turn the corner on these complex local issues. If you designate your gift directly to a nonprofit, 100% of your donation will go to your chosen charity.

Thank you for believing in the Quad Cities. Thank you standing united with me to make our region stronger. Thank you for Living United. 

Mike Parejko
2018 United Way Campaign Chair
CEO, Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center