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Born Learning

Considering 14 percent of Quad Cities children are not ready for kindergarten, Born Learning, an initiative of Women United, helps parents prepare their child for school. Because when a child enters kindergarten ready to learn, they are twice as likely to be able to read in third grade, which is one of the biggest indicators on whether someone graduates high school. 

Find out if your child is ready for kindergarten.

Set your child up for success in his/her education:

Sign up for texts on fun, education things to do with your child under five years. You’ll receive three text messages per week. Sign up by texting BORNLEARNING to 95577.

Receive a calendar of daily ideas to make everyday moments teachable moments. You can download the 2020 Born Learning Calendar, or you can have one mailed to you by filling out this form or calling 563.355.4310.

Join Born Learning Academies – a series of six workshops for parents with a child who hasn't yet entered kindergarten and/or is expecting a child. All academies are limited to 20 families at each location and are available on a first come, first served basis. Academies include:

  • Free dinner
  • Free child care
  • Giveaways for children and parents
  • A tablet for each family that attends five of the six workshops


Some Born Learning Academies will be held VIRTUALLY this fall!  Sign-up to participate in an online parent workshop at:

If you are interested in participating in a Virtual Born Learning Academy but one of the above doesn’t work for you, please fill click here or check back soon for more information!

Please also be sure to sign up for our Texting Campaign by texting "bornlearning" to 95577 to get four texts a week on activities to do with your child.


6 FREE ONE-HOUR WORKSHOPS for parents of kids 0-5 in partnership with local community organizations.

Born Learning 2.0’s workshops will not be held this Fall 2020 due to COVID-19. Check back soon for upcoming workshops or sign up here to be updated via email when a Born Learning 2.0 is coming to your area. Note: You MUST have attended a Born Learning Academy to attend a Born Learning 2.0.


Get outside and visit a trail for outdoor fun and learning. The trails, an initiative of Women United, include fun games or activities posted on aluminum signs. Activities include counting the number of flowers or colors nearby, hopscotch and identifying shapes, colors and various images painted on the ground. Born Learning Trails located in the Quad Cities include:

  • Buffalo Park – 1115 Chestnut St., Buffalo
  • Camden Park – Highway 67 & Milan Beltway, Milan
  • Fairmount Pines Housing Complex – 4205 N Fairmount St., Davenport
  • Family Museum - 2900 Learning Campus Dr., Bettendorf
  • Marquette Park – 3200 N. Marquette St., Davenport
  • Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport
  • Skip-A-Long Child Development Services – 1609 4th St., Rock Island

Questions? Contact Leslee Cook at 563.344.0321.