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Ashley's Story

Ashley doesn’t look like your typical domestic abuse survivor. 

But then who does? Trauma affects many in our community, and could affect your co-worker, your neighbor, or your friend.

Ashley was in an abusive relationship for 4 years. She didn’t tell her family or friends what was happening. It finally got to be too much when her ex-boyfriend broke down her front door, and then started stalking her. 

She turned to Family Resources for help to cope with the situation. Family Resources, with funding provided by United Way, provides services to survivors of violent crimes including domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as mental health services to children and families. Ashley had one-on-one counseling and attended group meetings where she was able to start the healing process. 

Ashley has overcome significant barriers and survived a difficult situation. Family Resources helped Ashley feel safe. She has built up the courage to tell her friends and family about the abuse. Today, Ashley wants others to hear her story, to tell people that they are not alone in their struggles.

Family Resources is one of United Way’s many partners. United, we are committed to ensuring Quad Citizens are healthy and safe by helping individuals and families struggling with physical and mental health challenges to receive the treatment and support necessary to improve their long-term well-being.

Through your donation to United Way, you can help other domestic abuse survivors like Ashley to feel safe and secure.