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Community Investment


  • Interested applicants are invited to apply for Strategic Impact Grants to ensure students graduate high school prepared for success; help families become financially stable; and enable Quad Citizens to live long, productive lives.
  • Status: Now accepting applications
  • Deadline: Friday, Feb. 26, 2021, at noon
  • Grants are available to eligible applicants that align with at least one of the nine Strategic Impact Investment funding priorities (or strategies) as they relate to Education, Income and Health. Priorities include the following, outlined in detail in the Community Impact Plan:
        •   Education: Strong Start; Academic Success; and College or Career Ready High School Graduates
        •   Income: Career Pathways; Economic Mobility; and Basic Needs
        •   Health: Primary and Clinical Care; Behavioral & Mental Health; and Health Promotion

  • Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by panels of skilled, trained and impartial community volunteers, to recommend grantees that address important needs in our community.
In order to be eligible for funding, the applicant organization must fit one of the following descriptions and have made arrangements for fiscal agency:*
  • A 501(c)(3) nonprofit or 170(b)(1)(A) public institution
  • Grassroots Organization: A community-based organization or organized group of individuals who has identified a specific issue/problem and is working collectively towards a solution;
  • Social Entrepreneur or Innovator: Or an individual, company or aspiring nonprofit with a novel solution to a social problem.
* If an applicant cannot secure a fiscal agent before they submit their application, they may be eligible for only up to $4,999 in funding, contingent on terms outlined in the Application Instructions. Additional eligibility terms may apply — see Eligibility Levels.



For more information, email Chief Operating Officer & Vice President of Community Impact Karrie Abbott at or call her at 563.344.0330.

introducing 'together for tomorrow'

United Way Quad Cities has joined forces with CoSpero Consulting to launch Together for Tomorrow, a new initiative for education-focused nonprofits, grassroots organizations and social entrepreneurs who will collaborate to support parents, students and teachers throughout the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. 
  • Up to $100,000 in prize grant funding — provided by the generosity of Women United — is available to support implementation of the most innovative and impactful solutions.
  • Learn More & Apply Here