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African American Leadership Society statement

United Way's African American Leadership Society (AALS) is committed to fighting for racial equality now and in the future. It was this commitment that spurred the creation of AALS, and it is this commitment that continues to drive us.
We have watched the intense events unfold in our nation and local community over the last few weeks, with racial inequality and injustice taking center stage, and would like to take this opportunity to renew our commitment to the local Black community and reiterate our mission and goals.
AALS is answering the call to help create the conditions in our shared community that will allow every African American Quad Citizen to thrive and prosper. AALS’s focus is fostering the next generation of local Black leaders and giving every African American child in every neighborhood an equal opportunity to succeed. Simply put, we aim to bridge the racial gaps in education, income and health that exist today in order to empower a better tomorrow for our region. 
To achieve a more vibrant and inclusive Quad Cities and truly address the immediate needs of the African American community, we need you, our stakeholders to remain a part of the solutions with us. With your help, we can and will drive change.  
Your time and investments directly influence the education, health and financial stability of Black Quad Citizens. Your contributions help advance resources, build a stronger community and foster the next generation of African American leadership.
Join us in lifting up our community by contributing here.
Want to stay updated on everything AALS? Need information on how to stay connected? Visit our website at and like us on Facebook at AALSUnitedWay.

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