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AALS Presents: Building Bridges – a Competitive, Capacity-Building Program for Black-Led Nonprofits

By Kayla Babers, African American Leadership Society Manager

AALS recognizes the unique strengths and challenges that exist within the Black-led nonprofit community. Too often, Black-led organizations miss out on opportunities, funding and professional networking and development due to lack of visibility and access, making it difficult to scale their organizations at the rates of their white counterparts. There is a significant pattern of philanthropic neglect and underinvestment in Black social change leaders and Black-led organizations in the Quad Cities.

Building Bridges, a new initiative under the African American Leadership Society, plans to help close these gaps by equipping local Black organizations with resources, networking and professional development that traditionally are not readily accessible to African American populations.

During this three-month accelerator program, organizations will meet local leaders and subject experts on nonprofit operations, community dynamics and funding opportunities.

Creating accessibility to resources, and equipping organizations that already possess skill, talent and passion, will continue to help reduce racial disparities and create a more inclusive community for everyone.

In all that we do, AALS strives to help African Americans create pathways to success. To learn more about how you can support AALS and Building Bridges, as well as our exceptional participants and their journeys, follow AALS on Facebook

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