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  COVID-19 Rebuilding Fund issues grants for education, income, health and essential needs

United Way Quad Cities awarded grants to 13 local nonprofits totaling $100,000. United Way’s COVID-19 Rebuilding Fund supports agencies who are providing essential needs and resources for Quad Citizens – access to food, sanitary supplies and emergency financial assistance – as well as those working toward longer-term recovery to strengthen education, income and health.

“As we navigate through this crisis, United Way is...

By Alex Kolker, United Way Community Impact Manager

Consider the following two mid-sized U.S. communities within the same region.

In one, the average household income is squarely in the middle class. Most people own their own homes. Three-quarters of their third-graders can read, and 95% of the adults have high school diplomas.

In the other, life is very different. One-quarter of the workforce earns less than minimum wage, and two-thirds of families rent rather than own their homes. Nearly half...