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United Way Quad Cities awarded $275,000 in grants to local organizations to help reduce and prevent racial inequities in education, income and health.

The United for Equity grants will help 25 nonprofits, grassroots organizations and social entrepreneurs provide access and opportunity to people of color in the Quad Cities by focusing on three primary goals — empowering the next generation, strengthening families, and educating and equipping the community.   “In these turbulent times, issues of racial...

Through the lenses of five talented local photographers, United Way's Stronger Together project documents Quad Citizens coming together to celebrate each other — and the simple acts of kindness — that inspire us during these unpredictable times.

This installment of "Stronger Together With..." tells the story behind a photo — how one Quad Citizen is helping others live their best life. Meet the artist named JUNO, pictured in this photo by Josh Graves.

It’s been said, life takes you to unexpected places...