Kindergarten Readiness

According to local kindergarten teachers, 1 in 7 Quad Cities children were not ready to learn on their first day of school.

Kindergarten Isn’t Finger-Painting Anymore

Kindergarten has changed. The things that they taught in first grade thirty years ago (the alphabet, simple math, how to tell time) are now taught in kindergarten. That means children need more skills before they ever get to kindergarten.

10 Things Your Child Needs to Know Before Kindergarten

A group of Quad Cities kindergarten teachers put together this list. Take the quiz. Is your child ready for kindergarten?

  1. Does your child have patience?
  2. Does your child share with others?
  3. Can your child explain thoughts and opinions?
  4. Can your child get dressed, use a bathroom, without help?
  5. Does your child do well in new situations?
  6. Does your child take part in group activities?
  7. Can your child hold a pencil and use scissors?
  8. Can your child figure out ways to solve problems?
  9. Does your child explore the world and ask questions?
  10. Does your child like to listen to stories?

United Way Resources

Imagination Library – one free book a month for any Quad Cities child ages 0 to 5.
Beyond the Book – suggested activities you can do with your child to help them bring their Imagination Library books to life.
Low Resolution Printable Poster for 11×17 paper
High Resolution Printable Poster for 11×17 paper
Kindergarten Skills Inventory Brochure laid out to be printed back-to-back on tabloid paper.
All 10 Kindergarten Readiness Videos




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