Kindergarten Skills Inventory

Ready to Learn

According to local kindergarten teachers, 1 in 6 Quad Cities children was not ready to learn on their first day of school.

Quick Fact – Attendance in School Matters

Attendance is a habit that starts early! Good attendance in the early years, even PreK, can help your child build fundamental math and reading skills and develop a habit of good attendance that can lead him or her to success in college and future careers.

A child missing 10% of school, just 18 days a year, can decrease his or her chances of academic success.

64% of children who attended kindergarten and 1st grade regularly can read at grade level by the 3rd grade compared to only 17% of children who missed 18 days or more of school in both kindergarten and 1st grade.

September is Attendance Awareness Month! Learn more about the ways we can increase school attendance at

Kindergarten isn’t finger-painting anymore

Kindergarten has changed from when you were little. The things that they taught in first grade thirty years ago (the alphabet, simple math, how to tell time) are now taught in Kindergarten.

That means that all the things that you learned how to do in kindergarten when you were little, your children have to know how to do before they ever get to kindergarten.

Take the quiz.  Is your child ready for kindergarten?

In 2012, a group of Quad Cities kindergarten teachers got together a list of the ten things your child most needs to know how to do before they enter school for the first time.

Does your child have patience? If not, click HERE
Does your child share with others? If not, click HERE
Can your child explain thoughts and opinions? If not, click HERE
Can your child get dressed, use a bathroom, without help? If not, click HERE
Does your child do well in new situations? If not, click HERE
Does your child take part in group activities? If not, click HERE
Can your child hold a pencil and use scissors? If not, click HERE
Can your child figure out ways to solve problems? If not, click HERE
Does your child explore the world and ask questions? If not, click HERE
Does your child like to listen to stories? If not, click HERE

United Way Resources.

Low Resolution Printable Poster for 11×17 paper
High Resolution Printable Poster for 11×17 paper
Beyond the Book – suggested activities you can do with your child to help them bring their Imagination Library books to life.
Imagination Library – one free book a month for any Quad Cities child ages 0 to 5.
Kindergarten Skills Inventory Brochure laid out to be printed back-to-back on Tabloid paper.

We are here to help.

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Scott County Kids – featuring a checklist of what to look for when you’re picking a quality preschool program for your child.

Rock Island Regional Office of Education – offers services for parents raising their children at home, including educational materials and ideas for fun activities.

Child Care Resource and Referral –
• Parent Referral Line (toll free): 1-(855)CHILD-01
• Contact a Parent Specialist via email:
• General Questions:

The Now What? blog offers resources for parents

The PBS Kids Lab – sponsored by National Public Television, this web site offers ideas for fun activities you can do with your children using items you find in the home.

For further community resources, visit the United Way of the Quad Cities Area Childcare Resources page.

Click here for the full list of the Funded Program allocations in the the 2014-2015 year.


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