Day of Caring

2017 Dates

In 2017, there will be two Day of Caring events.

Thursday, May 18, 2017
September 21,2017

2005-2016 Stats

Hours: 73,509
Volunteers: 19,125
Projects: 1,386
Value of Volunteer Time: $1,657,622

Thank you to the 3,002 volunteers for sharing your time and talents with us during our 2016 Day of Caring events.  Together we completed 153 projects through these hands-on, one-day volunteer opportunities.

Ideas for Projects

This year, all Day of Caring projects need to align with United Way’s Community Impact Plan. Here are project examples for non-profit organizations to consider:

Education: Students enter school ready to learn

  • Read with preschool aged children
  • Create literacy kits (cost could be associated)
  • Spend the day in a preschool/early education room
  • Update pre-school rooms/facilities
  • Canvas community with preschool/early education information

Education: Students perform at grade level and remain engaged in school.

  • Read with school aged kids
  • Host an attendance awareness campaign
  • Assist in an after school program
  • Create summer survival kits to promote summer learning (cost could be associated)
  • Participate in youth camp
  • Update a school room or facility
  • Update a youth camp
  • Mentor/Big for a day

Education: Students complete high school and are college or career-ready.

  • Host a career fair
  • Request career presentations
  • Request job shadow opportunities
  • Mentor/Big for a day
  • Host a financial literacy fair
  • FASFA Clinic
  • Host a STEM event

Income: Quad Citians have food, shelter, and transportation.

  • Serve meals, prepare meals
  • Install, prep, harvest gardens
  • Update a shelter or living space for transitional or low income housing
  • Update a room or facility providing food, shelter, or transportation
  • Sort basic need items
  • Host a hygiene drive
  • Host a food packaging event
  • Host a mobile food pantry
  • Organize a food pantry
  • Assist at a homeless shelter or meal site
  • Host an awareness campaign/canvas community with basic need information

Income: Quad Citians increase their income through post-high school education and training.

  • Sort clothing for career shopping day, have volunteers help guests shop and give tips to prepare for an interview
  • Host job preparation workshop where volunteers help clients prepare for interviews, host mock interviews and share interview tips
  • Set up for a clothing distribution
  • Host a FASFA Clinic
  • VITA Awareness

Income: Quad Citians build financial stability.

  • Prepare a transitional housing unit for an individual or family
  • Affordable housing home build/update

Health: Youth and adults live in a safe, healthy environment.

  • Host field day at a local youth camp or school and ask volunteers to participate
  • Prepare a youth camp for the summer or fall
  • Install/update equipment that encourages healthy activities like a playground
  • Install a Born Learning trail
  • Engage in an activity with a senior
  • Host a healthy/safety awareness campaign (create guides, share information, etc.)
  • Host a project that promotes healthy activities like updating, cleaning or prepping for a sled hill
  • Encourage interaction on the playground/play with children and youth
  • Build sensory stations at a residential center
  • Mental health facility clean-up day
  • Update a room or facility where physical activities are done
  • Winterize home/yard clean up at senior/handicapped individual home
  • Host an lunch event where kids and volunteers work together to learn to “eat” their colors for a nutritious meal

Health: Youth and adults have access to mental health and/or substance abuse prevention and treatment.

  • Awareness
  • Prevention
  • Update a room or facility where mental health services are provided
  • Host a respite day where foster families, families caring for elderly, etc. get a break

To learn more about how you and your organization can get involved contact Marci Zogg or call her at 563.344.0334.


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